182: Cork Dog Mar 2020

Why would anyone make a cork relief bulldog? Four separate things converged:

1. At Lions Field (adult activity center run by the Parks Department of San Antonio) where I paint in group on Friday mornings, they do an annual 12x12 challenge. They give you a foot square canvas, and a month, and say "Make Something". This year the "canvases" were expensive gessoed hardboard with sturdy frames donated by Jerry's Artarama. Well anybody can paint on the front side, but what can you do with the back side?

2. I was looking for a brush rest when I spotted one whittled from a wine cork by the 92 year old Zen Art teacher Mary Bowman. So I started looking for a cork. I couldn't find a cork in the junk drawer (I ended up with BJ's glass chopsticks holder, but that's another story.) Everything is on-line, I searched Amazon and found 200 corks for 10 cents apiece.

3. Years ago I donated a scroll saw to 10BitWorks. Its plastic switch housing got broken and I fixed it with an electrical handy box. I was looking for an excuse to use the scroll saw. Actually I ended up using an even better scroll saw donated by new 10BitWorks member Andre Balogh.

4. The 3D model is a download from cults3d.com created and shared for free by GEORGESNIKKEI.