161: 2017-PhotoCube Dec 2017

Being retired, I am organizing my stuff and discovering some strange history. The attached picture shows the evolution of the stiffener inside the PhotoCube, a.k.a. The Inner Cube. There are 3 rows in chronological order: Can we call them
. . .the Wood Row (starting in 2005)
. . .the 3-D Printed Row (starting in 2012)
. . .the Laser Row (starting in 2015)
Stuck on the end (lower right) is the 2017 entry, foam board squares, cut with a low tech Exacto blade.

The evolutions were driven:
. . .From desktop curio to Christmas tree ornament.
. . .From bulky to ship to flat to fit through a mail slot.
. . .From easy-and-obvious to puzzle to be assembled.