124: Frog

May 2013

This tea-cup-sized guy appeared amongst one of those internet things, I can't remember where. He's a red-eyed tree frog, from Central America, or maybe from farther south in the Amazon. At the time I noticed this frog, I was reading a biography of Vincent Van Gogh and was learning about his color theories. Vinny may have been a crazy color dauber but he thoughtfully wrote to his brother about his ideas of juxtaposing complementary colors to maximize their contrast. Nowadays, we would express this mathematically as two colors 180 degrees across the color wheel from each other. I wanted to see how close this frog came to 180. Answer: Pretty close. Why a frog would want show off in such a manner is another question. Why I would want to quantify such a thing is a different matter entirely. I like color. It's why I paint. And I like this frog. He's got panache.