128: Robot Car Sep 2013

Smelle` joined a geek club called 10BitWorks in Feb 2013. This little robot car project was a collaboration with two other members, Greg Bluntzer and Ray Good. Originally Smelle`'s goal was to learn about 3D printing. So the car contains 3D printed parts (purple chassis, yellow-red-blue gear trains) made from red ABS filament. The brain of the robot car is a microprocessor made by an Italian electronics company Arduino. The same circuit board, the Arduino Uno, is the brain behind the 3D printer. The car rests on two wheels with rubber bands for tire treads. The 3rd support point is a single large ball bearing.

There are 2 batteries in the plywood battery compartment: a familiar 9-volt Alkaline battery for the computer, and a 7.4 Volt Li-Po battery pack for the motors. Lithium-Polymer batteries are a hobbyist's dream. They are light weight, rechargeable, and deliver high amperage for a short burst. The wall sensor is infra-red, like you have in your TV remote.

The 3D CAD model and animation are done using free downloadable software, Google Sketch-Up. In fact all the software: for the 3D printing, for programming the Arduino, it's all free.

A NASCAR driver would recognize the program: go like hell straight, see wall? yes? turn left, repeat.

Robot Car SketchUp Animation with Fritzing

Robot Car Avoiding Walls

Robot Car Path Follower