111: Miscellaneous, Dec 2010

These pictures were found as a result of a general clean up of my hard drive.
They weren't done in 2010, they were found in 2010.

Fruit Bowl

This fruit bowl was an exercise in set-up and perspective.
It is a tracing from life using a gridded see-thru sketcher plate and water soluable Sharpie's.
Circa 2002.

Patio at condo

Same technique, looking out patio door.
Circa 2002.

Phil, Zac, Jamie

These are neice and nephews (Joan's kids) combined from separate school photos.
The canvas was glued to a cardboard backing. 8x12 ish
Circa 1984?


Apparently this was rescued from a waste basket and scanned.
Circa 2001

Matt & Josh

This was done from a photo on stretched canvas, 16x20.
Most of my more recent paintings are done on 12x16.
Circa 1984