Smellè -Coopè

Thanks so much for doing all of this for me. It really means a lot. Yes, I have knitted, crocheted, and needle pointed many things. Afghans, hats, mittens, scarfs, sweaters, pillows, whatever. And sewed all kinds of clothes, curtains, etc. Where are all of these things now? All over the my kids homes, friends homes, on beds, chairs, windows, Goodwill Stores, and who knows where. But things that I have here at the house, I'll try to get photos of and send them to you. Verbage....oh boy....what can I say? It's all about my love of needle work, it helps me relax, it kept my hands busy when I quit smoking, it keeps me off the streets, out of Ben's hair (well, that's a stretch, he doesn't have any) and passes time on cold winter days and nights.

Every married Smeller, Leardi, Cooper and whoever has a filet of their name from me as a wedding gift. The only one that is a bit different is Heidi Smeller's filet which reads Smell-Connors. That's what she uses on her mailing labels, etc. She and Ian have it proudly hanging over the couch in their family room.

You're a peach, Smelle' You can call me Smelle'- Coope' to differentiate us.

Love ya, Smelle-Coope'
Mom stitched it while I was pregnant with Max. His due date was December 24...and she nicknamed the in utero babe, Noel . We didn't know sex of baby and so he was referred to as Noel until his arrival on December 13, 2008.

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